Quality Fat Freezing Treatments for Cardiff Clients

The 360 degree technology covering a lot more area with better results and less time than traditional methods.

 We are pleased to be the only salon currently in Wales offering the 360 degree technology applicators. We also offer shock wave therapy to blast even the most stubborn areas and ultrasound immediately before freezing. 40% of the cells in the cup die. The more fat around the cells the less can be sucked into the cup, ultrasound allows us to remove this fat first  to allow us to suck more fat cells into the cup.

Post-Treatment Care

Clinical studies have shown reductions in fatty deposits of between 20% and 40%. Results vary with each client, and fat density, lifestyle, and maintenance following the treatment are all factors when it comes to procedure effectiveness. Those that follow the aftercare advice will get better results.

To maximise the results of your treatment, we advise that you avoid a heavy meal on the same day as your procedure. We also recommend that you avoid alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours.

Try to drink 2.5 litres of water every day for 14 days, as this accelerates the lymphatic system, helping it to flush the dead cells out of the body. Adopting and maintaining gentle to moderate cardiovascular exercise will improve the results and help you to keep the fat off. You should also maintain a healthy eating lifestyle as your body is working hard to flush the dead fat cells from the body. Eating high-fat foods puts a strain on the removal process.

When will you See Results 

The time it takes is 60 minutes with 1-8 number of treatments. To see results depends on the individual, the density of the fat, and the size of the treated areas(s). Changes happen over a number of weeks, with most clients seeing tangible results within 12 weeks. It is unlikely you will see further results after six months.

In clinical trials, 9 out of 10 people saw noticeable results in the treated area(s).

How to Track Your Progress


Stop Weighing Yourself
Daily weight fluctuations do not provide an accurate picture of your fat loss. Weigh yourself once every two weeks and make a note of the result.


Stop Looking in the Mirror
Self-image issue can skew perception. Take photographs every two weeks


Track Body Fat
Get a fat calliper and track your progress every two weeks.


Take Measurements
Take girth measurements of treated areas such as arms, waist, and thighs.

Fat Freeze  

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fat freezing

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